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This Amazing Prophecies Series will allow the Bible to answer the many questions that have troubled the hearts of men and women throughout the ages. The series, presented by Jason Morgan, will begin with an emphasis of the Bible as our only guide and foundation. As we build on this infallible foundation of God’s Word, we will discover many amazing things that help in our preparation for God’s Everlasting Kingdom!

Revelation is a revealing of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1-3, KJV). As we study this amazing Book, we will see the plan of Salvation vividly open up before our eyes through the symbols of Revelation! In this seminar, we will learn who the Beast/Anti-Christ is of Bible prophecy. We will also learn what his Mark is, and how to avoid the terrible Mark of the Beast that Revelation warns against!

You will also understand:

  • + Revelation’s 1000 Years!
  • + Armageddon!
  • + The Mystery of Death!
  • + The Return of Christ!
  • + Angels from Heaven!
  • + What and Where is Hell?
  • + The United States in Bible Prophecy!
  • + and Much More Straight from the Bible...

Enjoy this series and learn more in 24 presentations than many have learned in a lifetime! Gain the confidence to face the future unafraid!

Kids for Jesus - FREE - Children's Program (During the Seminar). FREE Admission. FREE parking.


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Starting Friday October 23, 2015 at 7pm. Continues nightly (except Monday and Thursday) through November 21, 2015.



Opening Night (Fri Oct 23) - On The Eve Of Armageddon: Many prophetic signs are already fullfilled! You will see, right from the Bible, how close to the end we really are. We are living on the eve of Armageddon, but don't despair, there is also a bright future!
Second Night (Sat Oct 24) - Blood On The Throne: One of the most important nights of the entire seminar! Gain the confidence to face the future unafraid!
Third Night (Sun Oct 25) - Revelation's Mother Of All Battles: Discover how the antichrist has popularized a lie that is sweeping America!
Fourth Night (Tue Oct 27) - The Ancient Of Days & The Time Of The End: Learn the Bible's longest prophecy and how it will affect you!
Fifth Night (Wed Oct 28) - A Thief In The Night: Worried about being "Left Behind"? What did Christ really mean when He said, "Come as a thief in the night". Find clear Bible answers tonight.
Sixth Night (Fri Oct 30) - The Antichrist Revealed: Come and discover one of the most intriguing prophecies ever revealed. Revelation unmasks who and what antichrist is!
Seventh Night (Sun Oct 31) - When The World Worships The Beast: The most shocking revelation of all time! Come and see!



Jason Morgan presents the Amazing Prophecies Seminar in a simple, yet striking study of the Bible prophecies affecting you today.

Jason and his family have traveled extesnsively throughout the USA and Africa over the last several years, presenting the Bible's amazing prophecies to thousands of people.

Previously Jason enjoyed working for Amazing Facts for 12 years and helped start the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism near Sacramento, California

Jason's presentations are clear, concise, and easy to understand, making the Bible come alive! You will come away from this seminar, as thousands have, with a new grasp of Bible prophecy for today and be able to face the future with confidence.