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Contemporary Sabbath School Class
Location:  downstairs "Board Room" of Forest Park Adventist Christian School across the parking lot from the church

Schedule:      Class begins at 9:30AM

Sept 16, 2017 - Class will meet
Sept 23, 2017 - ?
Sept 30, 2017 - Class will NOT meet

Oct 7, 2017 - ?
Oct 14, 2017 - Class will NOT meet
Oct 21, 2017 - Class will NOT meet
Oct 28, 2017 - ?

Leader:  Discussions in the "Contemporary Sabbath School Class" are led by John Anholm. When he is not available there typically is no class. So check here to see if class will be held each Sabbath.


We discuss questions and issues for which we may have opinions and ideas but often do not have answers. Don't expect the leader to have "the answers". In fact if you agree with the leader 100% of the time you are not thinking because he is not always right. Each one of us comes from different backgrounds and life experiences. So our views on things will be different. We want to share those views and learn from each other.

We try to read the Biblical material aloud in class. We also often read other materials relevant to the subjects being discussed. College level learning is the goal rather than indoctrination.


Typically we use a topic from the Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly as the jumping off point for our discussions. But rarely will we go through it page by page.


In preparation for the class the leader generally consults the following sources for ideas and materials:

Sabbath School Quarterly:
Walla Walla University "Good Word":
Sabbath School on the Move (Jonathan Gallagher):
Spectrum Magazine (a variety of authors and perspectives):
Pine Knoll Publications (Graham Maxwell):
Come and Reason Ministries (Dr. Jennings):